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At McGuinness Oil, we're not just suppliers, we're partners in fuelling your success. Our high-calibre industrial fuels, ranging from Gas Oil to Road Diesel (Derv), are the lifeblood to an array of sectors, including transport and haulage. Our commitment to superior quality and unfaltering reliability has solidified our standing as the go-to fuel partner for businesses across Westmeath, Meath, and adjacent counties.

Sourced meticulously, our fuel assortment meets the loftiest quality benchmarks. Designed for maximum performance and efficiency, these fuels are engineered to power your industrial operations smoothly, contributing to effectiveness and productivity.

McGuinness Oil distinguishes itself with bespoke payment plans, recognizing that every business has unique financial dynamics. Our flexible payment options cater to your distinctive needs, offering the convenience of monthly, quarterly, or customized schedules. Our aim is to integrate into your budget, letting you concentrate on your core business operations.

Choosing McGuinness Oil means choosing unparalleled customer service along with top-grade products. Our dedicated team pledges promptness, reliability, and a friendly approach, making every interaction a pleasant experience.

Empower your business with McGuinness Oil's quality fuels. Accelerate your progress with a fuel partner you can trust implicitly. Reach out to us to discuss your specific needs and learn how McGuinness Oil can help elevate your business performance. Let us fuel your journey to industrial excellence.

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