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At McGuinness Oil, we're more than just an oil distributor. We're your neighbours, dedicated to keeping your homes warm, your businesses running, and your agricultural operations efficient. From Kinnegad to Clonard, Milltownpass to Athboy, we're known across Westmeath and Meath for our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Our affiliation with the highly regarded Klass Energy family allows us to offer premium fuel products alongside our unique, personalized service. We understand the diverse energy needs of our community, which is why we tailor our offerings to ensure you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Our mission goes beyond providing fuel; we aim to enhance your quality of life by taking the worry out of your energy supply. Our dependable delivery service ensures that whether it's a chilly winter night or a busy harvest season, you'll never be left in the cold.

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Become a part of the McGuinness Oil family today and experience the difference that genuine commitment makes. Enjoy consistently competitive prices, superior quality fuels, and the reassurance that comes with relying on a trusted local distributor.

Choose McGuinness Oil for all your energy needs and feel the warmth of our service.

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In the heart of Westmeath, Meath, Kinnegad, Clonard, Milltownpass, Athboy, and surrounding areas, your comfort is our promise at McGuinness Oil.

We understand the value of a warm, inviting home, and with our premium quality kerosene, we're dedicated to keeping your house heated all year round. Along with our competitive pricing and committed customer service, we are here to keep your domestic needs fulfilled on schedule, every time. At McGuinness Oil, we're more than an oil supplier; we're a part of your community. Experience our friendly service, experience warmth.

Don't delay, contact us today to place your order or discover our competitive kerosene prices. We're here, ready and eager to serve you.


McGuinness Oil is dedicated to fuelling your industrial and commercial operations in Westmeath, Meath, Kinnegad, Clonard, Milltownpass, Athboy, and surrounding areas. Our comprehensive portfolio of high-quality fuels includes the innovative, environmentally-friendly HVO fuel, ensuring your business operations maintain their momentum.

We're not just an oil provider, we're your local partner in achieving sustainable energy solutions. Our unwavering commitment to customer service and reliable delivery make us the go-to choice for businesses across the region.

So, why wait? Discover the benefits of partnering with McGuinness Oil today. Learn more about our competitive pricing and how our sustainable fuel options can drive your business towards a greener future.


Farmers seeking dependable, cost-effective fuel solutions should look no further than McGuinness Oil. As part of the trusted Klass Energy family, we take pride in understanding the unique rhythm and demands of agricultural life.

Our services extend beyond mere supply; we ensure swift delivery, competitive prices, and top-quality fuel products to power your machinery and heat your buildings. More than just a fuel supplier, we are committed to being a reliable partner, helping you meet your farm's needs with utmost efficiency and care.

Experience the warmth, efficiency, and friendly service synonymous with McGuinness Oil.

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